Reception September 2024

We are delighted that your child will be joining us at Burley Oaks Primary School. 

You will shortly be receiving transition information and a plan of the events ahead. Please contact school if you have not received your email by Friday 26th April.   

Starting school is a precious and memorable event. 

At Burley Oaks, we place enormous value on our relationships and high level of care for our children so that we can settle and quickly 'belong' to this fantastic team. Belong, Believe, Achieve, our motto, drives everything that we do. Most of all, we want families and children to feel a sense of belonging to the Burley Oaks Primary School community. We are committed to making starting school a positive, exciting and smooth process despite this year's challenges.


To give you a flavour of how our school 'feels', please watch our video also found on our home page. This will help you to experience how our days are filled and to see the enormous range of opportunities we provide children. Education is about opportunity: being able to do more and remembering more and we believe that our wide ranging offer helps every unique child to flourish and to develop their different passions.  


A virtual tour of the school can be viewed here - a whistle stop tour of our building and facilities. We recommend watching the video play through the tour automatically in the first instance. Click on the photo below.

The different areas can then be explored in more detail by clicking through and zooming in on places of interest. There are links to photos and videos, including a welcome video from the head teacher. Look out for the blue and white circles which highlight points of interest. You can pause and re-play at any time. 

Our school is large and extremely well resourced; we are blessed with enormous grounds and a large, experienced staff team, each bringing their own and varied skill sets. We employ specialist teachers in music and computing and specialist sports coaches to ensure the highest standards across the curriculum. 

You will note that the year groups are spaced in different clusters across school which create mini families so that children trust they are connected and valued.

Children joining our team in Reception benefit from an adult:child ratio of 1:10 so that we can teach in small groups, bespoke to children's emerging needs. This high level of adult interaction helps children settle quickly into their new surroundings. 

If you would like to speak to us about joining Burley Oaks, please contact the office on 01943 862642.