Reception September 2020

Our induction process will be of a virtual nature for this year's Reception new starters due to school closures and the Coronavirus pandemic.  

At Burley Oaks Primary School we hope to ensure that children, parents and carers are given the opportunity to feel welcomed, set at ease and supported as they transition from a range of local settings. 

The usual elements of a successful transition package at BOPS include a meeting for parents,  different opportunities for children to visit the school setting (some with parents, preschools or our popular Teddy Bears' picnic). The purpose of these sessions, and what we hope to be able to replicate in some way online, is intended to give families:

  • a warm welcome to Burley Oaks with a two-way communication system, not just giving information;
  • an opportunity to visualise the school setting and get a glimpse into life here in the Reception Year;
  • the opportunity to share any worries, concerns, and excitement, and ask questions as they would in a face-to-face induction;
  • a chance to become familiar with and to get to know staff, and for staff to begin to build relationships;

Most of all, we want families and children to feel a sense of belonging to the Burley Oaks Primary School community. 

We will be updating this page regularly and are pleased to share with you a video which introduces our staff team and the reception learning space. 

You can contact the Early Years team directly by emailing: or 

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Here is a range of photos to show you what school daily life looks like.