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 Learning Challenge Curriculum

Whose team is it anyway?

Year 2 will be continuing to learn about the lives of the famous people our school houses are named after. This half term they will be focusing on the Bronte sisters and Chippendale. The trip to the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth will give them insight into the Bronte sisters’ childhood and they will see the landscape that inspired their writing. They will also be celebrating Chippendale’s 300th birthday by designing a bespoke piece of furniture for somebody special! During the theme they will ask:

Who was Hockney/Chippendale/Delius/Bronte?

 Why do we remember these people?


How can we grow our own salad?

The children will be continuing their learning about plants and which conditions are the best to grow them. They will be growing a range of plants, both indoors and outdoors and thinking about what they need to thrive. They will be answering questions such as:

 How do seeds and bulbs grow into plants?

 What do plants need to stay healthy?

 Which plants grow the fastest?

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Calling all volunteers!

Last year the children enjoyed and greatly benefited from numerous parent volunteers who supported our curriculum themes, reading and invaluable school trips. This is a real strength of our school, and one which we are very keen to continue!  Please do get in touch if you think you can help in any way.